Welcome to Furlough Network!

I'm amazed and disheartened by the innumerable people on furlough and short-term unemployment in today's economy. The Coronavirus impacts on employment have left many people who are objectively smarter than me (it's OK... I'll say it so you don't have to) out-of-work for the first time in their careers.

Let me take a second to stop and say - my heart goes out to you. You'll be fine. We'll all get through this together. Now let me take a second to say this: you must be super confused.

My friends and family who suddenly find themselves in furlough or unemployed situations are looking around for answers and support considering just a couple months ago, the sky was the limit. Who was putting out tools, literature, and support for short-term unemployed and furloughed workers? The economy was booming, right?

That's why I started Furlough Network. I hope this site will be completely unnecessary by 2021. Until then, I'm not going to stop bringing together our community and our resources to help you build the support and motivation you need to get ready for your next resurgence!

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