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Lately, there has been a lot of civil unrest within the United States. Protests have occurred all over the U.S. ranging from cities like Anchorage, Alaska all the way to Los Angeles, California across the mainland to Portland, Maine down to Miami, Florida, every state has had a least one major city or town participate in a protest, this demand for justice could even be heard globally. There has been a call to action for lawmakers and individuals alike to rethink racism (whether overt or subtle), acknowledge personal biases, and redistribute public funding to change the standards and expectations that police are held to. For too long, there has been unfair prejudice against those in the black community by the police. Unaddressed and institutional racism within law enforcement has been the cause of too many unjust deaths. I encourage readers, no matter their political creed, to educate themselves on what is happening in their own neighborhoods and backyards.

Many things need to change in order to foster a more inclusive, positive, and safe world for people of all races. Below, I will provide resources that can help start conversations and bridge the gap of inequality. These are mainly tools and sites that can help combat bias within the work place and hiring systems in relation to resumes, job applications, and interviews. To learn more about racial and gender biases, as well as ways to help close the inequality gap, please see below:

As mentioned in previous blog posts, below you can find my survival list and see which stages I have completed up until today:

Mari’s Survival List:

1. Take a breath & grieve for what has happened – DONE

2. Pull yourself together & apply for unemployment when you qualify – DONE

3. Create a plan – DONE

4. Find some free educational tools & gain a professional skill – DONE*

5. Create a brand for yourself by building a website – Almost Done!**

6. Update your resume & LinkedIn

7. Let people know what you have been up to

8. Celebrate!!

6. Update your resume & LinkedIn

No one likes to spend their free time updating their resume and LinkedIn, especially right now. BUT it is a professional necessity that needs to be maintained throughout your career. I highly suggest updating both your resume and LinkedIn semi-annually, or at least annually. In order to comprehensively capture what you have been working so hard on, updating both your resume and LinkedIn will ensure that you do not miss that crucial project that you went above and beyond in order to bring in those results! I have provided some websites that may help with giving your LinkedIn and resume a boost below:

As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of unusual methods of building myself professionally. I firmly believe that there are so many methods to learning whether it is through a scholarly article, accredited media outlets, books, real life experience, etc. One that is debatably not credible is social media, however it can be a great gateway into networks, websites, and learning tools you may not have heard of. This next tool that I have used may take you by surprise, but believe me, it’s a hidden gem that is severely underrated. Are you ready for it? Tik Tok. Tik Tok can help you advance your professional career. Wild, I know! I didn’t want to believe it myself.

Three Tik Tok profiles I followed in order to gain some career tips.

Tik Tok has been such an unexpected resource that I found for career growth tips. It also has provided me with tricks and recommendations on how to take your LinkedIn profile and resume to the next level. Believe me when I say that the 15 to 60 second videos can pack in a lot of information, and some of it makes you wonder if it’s true. So, I decided to follow some people and test out some of their tips, which actually coincided nicely with the information from the websites I provided earlier in this post. While scrolling through the #careers feed in Tik Tok I discovered three LinkedIn accompaniments that I had no idea about. A friendly reminder for you and me: LinkedIn is not the only social media platform where you can build business connections. In order to give you a second opinion, I decided to sign up for the platforms I qualified for. I reviewed the top three LinkedIn accompaniments on my list for you:

1. Ladies Get Paid (Women Only Slack Channel)

  • SIGN UP FOR THIS RIGHT NOW IF YOU IDENTIFY AS A WOMAN! Ladies Get Paid offers the real time availability of women in various industries and leadership levels, plus the opportunity to engage with women all over the U.S.… you cannot ask for more. There are threads that talk about diversity & inclusion, mentorship, jobs, and even a place to sell goods & services.

2. The Riveter (Women Only)

  • Very much like Ladies Get Paid, this is a woman only website that connects women from many walks of life. This one is a bit newer so there are fewer members, but they are all willing to help. Both Ladies Get Paid and The Riveter platforms have put me in front of people who are experts in critiquing resumes and LinkedIn profiles while also giving helpful constructive feedback overall.

3. FishBowl (Open to Anyone With A Work Email)

  • This website/platform allows you to have honest conversations with people in your industry anonymously. You can receive real updates within your industry about the latest news or tips in order to make your job easier.

I know there is a lot of information that I just threw at you. From social injustice in the world, bias within the workplace, tips on how to improve your LinkedIn and resume, and Tik Tok, it can get overwhelming. I suggest that you consume the information as much or as little as you can in one session. Also remember to take care of yourself. The world seems scary right now but please know that there is more good than bad. There are more people wanting and willing to help you than hurt you.

If you want to see what my LinkedIn profile and how it looks like after taking some of these tips to heart, please click here. If you want to look at my resume and see how I interpreted the suggestions, let me know through a comment on this post. If you want to continue the dialogue on any of the topics I covered (please keep in mind that I am not an expert) also leave a comment on the post with your contact information and I’ll reach out to you directly!

As always, I hope you are staying safe, healthy, and productive!



*Update on #4 Build A Skill: I have officially completed the Google Analytics Academy with a beginners and advanced certificate! *insert dancing emoji*

**Update on #5 Website: Tatiana handed the website back to me and it looks great! I have to make some small adjustments and tweaks, once I do this I’ll publish the website and share it with you.

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