So this is it, I have officially checked everything on my survival list off. Starting this journey almost three months ago has been such a wild ride but it has also been equally fulfilling. Not to get too sappy but I really did learn a lot about myself. I learned that a job does not define you, it’s really okay to ask for help when you are struggling, and the most important lesson of all is that you can rise above your adversities; all it takes is some hard work and believing in your own abilities.

Enough of the sappy stuff and let’s get right to it, as mentioned in previous blog posts, below you can find my survival list and see which stages I have completed:

Mari’s Survival List:

1. Take a breath & grieve for what has happened – DONE

2. Pull yourself together & apply for unemployment when you qualify – DONE

3. Create a plan – DONE

4. Find some free educational tools & gain a professional skill – DONE

5. Create a brand for yourself by building a website – DONE

6. Update your resume & LinkedIn – DONE

7. Let people know what you have been up toDONE

8. Celebrate!! DONE

7. Let people know what you have been up to

If you have been following this blog since the beginning, you may know that I have been promoting what I have accomplished on all of my social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Each time I completed a Google Analytics course I made sure to let everyone know what I was doing. The intention behind this is not to be boastful but to hopefully put me on the radar of anyone who sees a position that would be a good fit for me.

Next on my list is to promote my FINISHED (!!!) personal website on all of the social media platforms and introduce it to you! First I would like to thank Tatiana Gonzales once more for helping me make this dream a reality, without her eye and expertise most of the website would not be possible. In my head, I imagine a drumroll when I officially release my website into the world so please bear with me.

Are you ready? Okay, here it goes . . . my official website . . . ready to be seen by you . . .

My website is officially done, now that doesn’t mean that I won’t touch it up moving forward. It means that I will constantly update it with the projects I am working on, or make a few design tweaks as I add more content. I also welcome any and all constructive feedback on my website on how to improve it.

8. Celebrate!!

In order to celebrate the completion of finishing the survival list, earning my Google Analytics Advanced certificate, and publishing my website I bought myself some flowers and opening a bottle of bubbly that was gifted to me by a friend (thanks Liz ❤)! With champagne in one hand, I’ll be dancing and listening to Ava Max’s Kings & Queens on repeat tonight 😊

I also will be taking a few days to think about my next steps, as my department was officially dissolved and restructured. This essentially means I was let go from my position at the beginning of July. I’m grateful for the 6+ years I spent there developing so many different skill sets, working on projects I never thought I would even be able to touch in my career, and getting the chance to meet a variety of people from all walks of life.

I’m not sure what the future will hold, but I am hopeful that I have positioned myself in the most advantageous way possible. So, if you or anyone in your network is looking for a project manager with over 6 years of experience in the marketing and international space, let’s connect.

As always and until next time, I hope you stay safe, healthy, and productive!



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