HELP!!! no answer, no mail and closed unemployment office

Back on April 19 I applied for unemployment in the state of NJ. It is now May 14 and the status of my claim is still pending. I am unable to receive unemployment until the claim status turns to FILED ... that means no unemployment money is coming in and I must wait for the status to change.

With my A type personality and anxiety during this time of extreme unknown, all I wanted was some answers. So, I started with a visit to an unemployment office to try and talk with someone in person. The website stated the doors open at 8:30am, so I made sure to arrive by 8:00am not knowing what the lines might look like. Upon arrival to an empty parking lot, I was greeted by the below sign on the door.

I then sent an email to the New Jersey State unemployment office. After 48 hours, I received a generic email response with no answer to the question I sent regarding my specific claim:

After exhausting all of my other options, I finally resorted to calling the unemployment hotline in hopes of getting in touch with an agent to see if additional information was needed to complete my claim. A friend of mine gave me the following insight for my task: You need to start dialing at 7:40am and when you get the message that due to high volume we can't take your call .... you hang up and dial again and again and again and again. At some point you will get a different message where you can leave your phone number and get a call back. After 100 calls this morning starting at 7:40 .... NO ANSWER. I guess ill try again tomorrow and hope that soon my status will change to FILED.

I followed her instructions exactly and still, I was unable to get in touch with an actual person:

If anyone has any insight on how to get in touch with an agent to review a PENDING claim please share in the comments. Thanks for your support and community during this time.

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