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Furloughed, Now What?

Hi! Before I get into this blog post, please allow me to introduce myself to you so you can get to know me better. My name is Maricela Juarez but I’m known to most as Mari! I was recently furloughed from the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, after 6+ years working for the company, due to COVID-19 related circumstances and like many in this country, I was surprised but not entirely shocked about being furloughed. Follow along the next few weeks to discover new tips and tricks on my survival list, together we can journey through this new normal!

Mari’s Survival List:

1. Take a breath & grieve for what has happened

2. Pull yourself together & apply for unemployment when you qualify

3. Create a plan

4. Find some free educational tools & gain a professional skill

5. Create a brand for yourself by building a website

6. Update your resume & LinkedIn

7. Let people know what you have been up to

8. Celebrate!!

1. Take a breath & grieve for what has happened

First, after you have received the news that you have been furloughed, take a breath, maybe even two or three. The news you have received can be scary and you are allowed to grieve what has happened to you. I personally took two full days all to myself which meant I did not look at any of my professional stuff like my resume or LinkedIn. I allowed myself 48 hours to get used to what my new normal was going to look like without the security of a job and under the “shelter in place” order.

2. Pull yourself together & apply for unemployment when you qualify

My first 24 hours of being officially unemployed, I applied for unemployment on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s official website because I still needed to adult and get my financials in place. I also sent out an email to my close business colleagues that my circumstances changed and provided my personal information if they wish to connect outside of my job (which I highly recommend you do)!

In my next blog post I’ll cover step #3, which in my opinion is probably the most daunting step of all! Until then, I hope that you are able to find some comfort during all of these uncertain circumstances with two real facts:

1. You are not alone and;

2. We will get through this together!



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