6 Interview Tips to Land Your Next Job

Do you have an interview coming up?

Preparing for the interview the key to success in landing your perfect job. You have to make a great impression and be able to share why you are the best fit for the role. Here are 6 tips on how to nail the interview!

1. Anticipate and practice common interview questions – for example:

a. Tell me about yourself.

b. What are your top strengths? Weaknesses?

c. Why are you particularly interested in the role and company?

d. Tell me about a time you faced a conflict while working with a team member, how did

you handle the situation, and what was the outcome?

*Practice answering questions doing a mock interview, if possible video yourself

2. Dress for success – whether your interview is in-person or virtual it is extremely important to dress professional which means business attire only.

3. Answer all questions in a STAR format where applicable:

a. Situation: Describe the context within which you performed a job or faced a


b. Task: Describe your responsibility in that situation.

c. Action: Describe how you completed the task or endeavor.

d. Result: Explain the outcomes or results generated by the action.

4. Prepare a list of questions to ask the employer. For example:

a. What are your expectations of someone in this role the next 30, 60, 90 days?

b. Can you tell me about the day to day responsibilities of the job?

c. What are the next steps?

5. Stay calm and smile! While answering all questions make sure to smile and make eye contact, the first impression is everything!

6. Be yourself -most companies hire based on fit, so be authentic and let your personality shine through!

For more information in regards to preparing before, during, and after the interview feel free to reach out to Christina Hall, Certified Career and Executive Leadership Coach, and founder of CGH Careers, LLCcghcareerservices@gmail.com!